︎    Andreas Berner is a creative director/director with an emphasis on motion graphics design, VFX, live-action, and immersive media (AR/VR), producing commercial content across all of those mediums for brands such as Tencent, Visa, FB, Apple, Nissan, Lexus, Estée Lauder, and FB to only mention a few. His passion spans traditional filmmaking, the performing arts, as well as art & technology. In Oct of 2019, he joined the extremely talented roster of NTROPIC as ECD, where he has found a perfect home and family to explore global ad campaigns and a multi-faceted array of design projects.

Prior he had worked as CD at Nice Shoes and Facebook, where he was the creative director for the FB core camera art team.

Over the years, Andreas has worked as CD for numerous established production companies like the Mill +, Eyeball, MassMarket, The Colony, and many more. He started as a 3D artist who had worked with motion graphic houses such as Psyop, Imaginary Forces, Prologue, DK, and Trollback, where he quickly moved on to oversee productions as CG Lead / Technical Director.

Andreas completed his Master of Science degree at NYU with his thesis project "Three Graces," which was then selected to screen at several festivals, including Siggraph. After graduating, he went on to complete a one-year term at EYEBEAM, a Media Arts Organization in Brooklyn, where he received a prestigious Production Artist Award for his work on commissioned projects for artists Shirin Neshat, Aziz & Cucher, and where he also produced his own moving image art installation which was exhibited as part of the MID Studio & Commission Exhibition at EYEBEAM's gallery.