︎   Cotton and clouds star in BBDO Atlanta's "Sky's the Limit" for Bayer Stoneville, which I co-directed with Tom Bussell for The Mill+.

Stoneville cotton seeds are scientifically improved plants with a high-yield potential. The Mill+ team used fully CG animated clouds to illustrate the growth and uses of the soft cotton once fully blossomed.
Shot on location in South Georgia, it was a delicate process to choose just the right cotton field to film in. Once a cotton field blooms, there is only a four day period before it is harvested. Drones were used to get the high-flying shots, as a helicopter would not have been able to fly low enough to the farm without disrupting the cotton.

The sky was completely replaced, using the drone footage of the real clouds, alongside CG clouds created to look like a cotton plant. Made completely out of CG particles, the goal was to create photo-real clouds that moved naturally into the shapes of a shirt and trousers.

Cottony clouds become the imaginative representation of the new revolutionary cotton seed from Bayer.

Client: Bayer Stoneville
Agency: BBDO Atlanta
Director: Andreas Berner / Tom Bussel
Live Action Producer: Richard Sampson
Design/VFX/Post: The Mill +
Producer: Eliana Carranza-Pitcher
2D Lead Artists: Kyle Cody
3D Lead Artists: Ruben Vandebroek
2D Artists: Alex Dreiblatt
3D Artists: Laurent Giaume, Jimmy Gass, Ehsan Parizi, Sean Dooley
Matte Painting: Marco Iozzi
Colourist: Aline Sinquin

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