︎   I had a chance to co-direct the beautiful "Enduring Style: Venetian Quatrefoil" spot for the David Yurman brand. The 60 sec spot is a culmination of a decade of Yurman's work, which also features iconic supermodel Kate Moss. The new campaign launched during 2014 fall fashion week.

The film was brought to life by using archival footage and the journals David Yurman kept over the course of ten years while designing his new jewelry line. The inspiration was Venetian architecture, with the antique quatrefoil symbol as the main focus.

The Mill+ team injected a unique style to the spot by using stop motion, animating the sketches from David Yurman's notebook, using clips of Kate Moss as spokesperson throughout the years and reconstructing all assets as an elegant video scrapbook.

Mill+ director Andreas Berner notes: "The African journals of Peter Beards were a great influence on this project. The collage of sketches, photos and writing were combined in our interpretation of a Venetian style. We wanted to honor the old Italian masters by using the architecture that goes back to medieval times, which was the original focus of the quatrefoil motif."

Client: David Yurman
Director: Andreas Berner
Production & Post: The Mill +
Producer: Clairellen Wallin
Editor: Alex Trierweiler
Designer/Animator: Vivan Kim, Damien Bastelica
Colourist: Mikey Rossiter

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