︎    And yet another collaboration between Garage Magazine, makeup genius Pat McGrath, renowned photographer Patrick Demarchelier and The Mill+ came to life.

The Mill’s Design & Beauty Team worked closely with Garage to combine high end fashion with high end visual effects, bringing supermodels Cadice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, Lexi Boling, Cuba Tornado Scott and Karlie Kloss to life with a series of beautiful and captivating visuals inspired by the classic Marvel superheroes Spider Gwen, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Thor and Black Widow.

We witness the emergence of female power in a stylized environment that allows the creator and audience to expand gender equality to unapologetic levels.

Led by the incredible design (AD - Pierce Gibson) and creative technology team (3D/AR Lead - Raymond Leung) we developed some spectacular style frames, which became the blueprint for the actual covers and the multiple animation elements that needed to be created in various 2 & 3D platforms, namely After Effects / C4D and Unity.

Nerdy stuff:
All of the original elements were created as 2D textures and 3D objects before we started blocking out the narratives in 3D software, allowing us to create a fully emerged 360 experience. Those programs (Maya, C4D, etc.) are the common tools used for high-end CG commercials. In our case we had to elaborate further, export and sometimes re-animate the scenes in UNITY, a powerful tool that is being used to create content for Virtual and Augmented reality.

As a creator you have to break an additional plane and start thinking in real time, animating and conceptualizing in a 4th dimension. After the completion of visuals & audio score, the beta version of the APP was tested internally before the finalized APP was published.
To see the animations at work readers have to scan the covers with the GARAGE Magazine App (Apple / Android)

CLIENT: Chaos Fashion/Garage Magazine
CREATIVES: Chaos (Katie & Charlotte)
MAKE UP: Pat McGrath
PHOTOGRAPHER: Patrick Demarchelier

POST / VFX: The Mill+
EP: Sallyann Houghton
VFX PRODUCER: Anna Borysewicz
PROD.COORD.: Katya Pavlova
ART DIRECTOR: Pierce Gibson
3D/AR LEAD: Raymond Leung
DESIGN/ANIMATION: Pierce Gibson, Gap Sangpattharamatee, Anthony Dodero, Ian Bradley

We took full advantage of the rich & artistic Marvel universe to create spellbinding visual narratives that through the use of Augmented Reality literally reached outside of the magazine’s constraints.

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