In this latest animation of the wonderful projection series for Piccadilly Circus, Hyundai is welcoming the world to the London Olympic Games of 2012. By having one of its flagship models going around the world within a day, the company is touching base with multiple cultures. In the process we are emphasizing recognizable landmarks in a colorful and stylized world, while the car is driving through stunning vistas. Welcome messages in different languages are greeting the spectators along the way.

Director: Andreas Berner
Produced at: Psyop/Massmarket
Score: Human Music

The agency brief for Olympics called for three points to be touched upon. The i30 car being prominently featured, global landmarks and welcome signs in different languages. After creating a slew of ideas I narrowed it down to the creation of a whimsical world, that consisted of a magical miniature globe with stylized countries and continents on it. A fantastical world that was almost derived from St. Exupery's "The Little Prince". Out of scale, but recognizable, we sent our hero car on a seamless journey around the world in a day. Using breathtaking vistas that were lit by sunrise and sunset scenarios, night shots and spectacular matte paintings with dramatic skylines, we created magical moments and intimate country settings, that felt cozy but also worldy and welcoming at the same time. The positive exuberance of the Hyundai Olympics world is meant to emphasize the Olympic spirit within each of us and just trying to bring the world a little closer together.
Example of the Jumbotron Display at Piccadilly Circus.
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