︎    One of my first explorations into VR took place at The Colony under the direction of company owner David Gaddie - as CD I was tasked to create the design and oversee the production of 2 x 360 videos for Lipton.

During the 6 week production process we created an immersive journey that takes the audience into a cup of Lipton’s specialty Matcha & Chai tea.

Illustrating the flavors and emotions of a tea experience - we set out to shoot the live action of a user holding a tea cup with a RED Dragon @ 6K utilizing a fish eye lens to help us create the 360 surround video.

Take a look at this interesting MAKING OF to gain a better understanding about the process that went into this project.

Holy Festival - 'Chai' Experience

Japanese Temple - 'Matcha' Experience
The underwater Tea experiences were completely created in post by employing a variety of 2&3D packages. The ingredients themselves were dynamically simulated and the water FX mostly produced in Real Flow.

Chai Tea ingredients

Matcha Tea ingredients
For a more in detail breakdown please see the Behind The Scenes of Lipton VR 360 Experiences

Japanese Lantern Festival - 'Matcha' Experience

Indian River & Cityscape - 'Chai' Experience

Japanese Temple - 'Matcha' Experience

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