“POWER FROM WITHIN” - Personal Project

︎    I was asked by Ntropic’s PR consultant Kiri Jewell (Story By Lore) if I was interested to submit a personal statement on “What I had learned in 2020” for the online publication The SF Egotist.

This project was ultimately about personal resilience and the will to push on - 2020 has asked a lot of every one of us. It was dark and exigent. Nevertheless, we have managed to stay afloat and, in many cases, grown. 
I am elaborating on that idea - showcasing the beauty of our relentless determination and soulful reflection that in the darkness and solitude, we are given the chance to reach deep inside ourselves, contemplate, and in return, find that light of hope growing from within while at the same time also giving energy. 

Publication: The SF Egotist
PR Agent: Story by Lore
Creation: Me

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