︎    One of the most interesting jobs in recent history for me is about to be released as a wide scale media blitz. Garage Magazine approached the Mill+ for a collaborative dream assignment with renowned make up star Pat McGrath, photographer Phil Poynter and Beats by Dre.

The brief was to create 5 x editorial pages featuring one super model each wearing a set of Beats headphones (Lara Stone, Binx Walton, Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner and Joan Smalls) and a resulting 'Augmented Reality' APP that would allow the user to see a 3D rendition & animation of each girl in real time on top of the editorial page. Each of them had been treated with a pure CG interpretation of various elements inspired by original Pat McGrath's make up designs, ranging from shrink wrap, crystals, android mask to scribbles and smoke elements.
After shooting all girls with bare make up applications, we created a live 3d scan of each girl to generate full body CG models for our post production.

The idea was that all of them would be breathing, living organisms driven by the attributable nature of the VFX. We then outlined the designs on top of the retouched photographs with style frames in our design department. After a final cropping & editing session the high res prints were sent to press. This completed the first stage for PRINT execution only.

For the AR (Augmented Reality) APP execution we went a step further and used our in-house 2&3D tools to create FX simulations, animations and final composites.

As a final step we created unique audio scores to accompany each one of the APP executions to build an even stronger interactive user experience. Music score by Alex Da Kid and sound FX by Finger Music.

Last, but not least all finished animations were integrated into the actual APP by Meiré & Meiré in Cologne.

CLIENT: Chaos Fashion/Garage Magazine
CREATIVES: Chaos (Katie & Charlotte) & Pat McGrath

POST / VFX: The Mill+
EP: Sallyann Houghton
VFX PRODUCER: Anna Borysewicz
CD: Andreas Berner
DESIGN: Pierce Gibson, Goran Krstic, Emeric Trahand
3D LEAD: Raymond Leung
3D: Laurent Giaume, Weiche Yu, Xuan Seifert, Sandor Toledo & Dave Barosin
3D SCANS: Travis Reinke

The PRESS has been amazing so far and the Garage APP will be prominently featured during Fashion Week in NYC:
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