︎    I had the chance to craft this beautiful snippet of a 8K projection for the new Nissan IMX. It was produced in a short amount of time with my friends at Nice Shoes in NY for this year’s car show in Geneva. With meticulous 3D craftsmanship and lots of Nuke compositing help we finished this mammoth format in record time.  The very talented husband & wife combo from First Mates helped out with the motion graphics.
Oli Chang from Animal Feelings/The High Highs represented by Sonic Union supplied the score.

Client: NISSAN
Agency/Production: PLUTO
Post Production: NICE SHOES
EP NS: Angela Bowen
Senior VFX Prod NS: Russ Dubé

VFX Supervisor: Adrian Winter
CG Supervisor: Andy Zazzera
Colorist: Sal Malfitano
Design: Winter Boar, Andreas Berner
CG & Animation: Ivan & Ana, Elias Saliba
Lighting & Texturing: Stacie Plassche,
Minchung Cho
NUKE: Nick Crist, Elias Saliba, John Seppala, Michael Cozy

Motion VFX: First Mates (David & Sissy)
Audio: Oli Chang / Sonic Union
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